Videos of projects done here at      Selkirk Fibreglass & Plastic Repairs

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Hydrodipped a hubcap in a Cartoon Bomb print...sorry for some of video fuzzy, but turns out awesome!

Hydrodipping a rifle stock in Appalachian Trail Camo.

Hydrodipped a rifle stock in Winter Camo.

Hydrodipped a powdercoated rim with the film black splash and will powdercoat it with candy colors.

Here is a video I did because I get asked frequently on "how durable is powder coating", here is an example from a project that I'm redoing. I'm using a 40 grit paper on a 8" orbital gear driven sander (very agressive).

Heading 1

Busted Knuckles Motorcycle Show Episodes featuring BadAss Custom Coatings work with Powder Coating and Hydrographics