Powder Coating & Ceramic Coating

There is many colors textures and designing to choose for your project, let us sit down with you and help design that perfect choice for you and your items!



We will first sandblasting items, then put them into an oven for outgassing (a process which heats items at high temp to draw out all contaminants), hand sand surfaces and alcohol clean in preparation for any tapping and pugging required.

high temp powder coating

Powder Coatings

  • Gloss Levels- 7 levels

  • RAL Colors

  • Solid Tones

  • Transparent

  • ​Clear Metallic

  • Metallic

  • Texture

  • ​River

  • ​Vein

  • Wrinkle

Ceramic Coatings

  • Air Cure 

  • Oven Cure

ceramic coating

Finish Products

All finished items will have the finest quality behind it. If there for any reason an issue with quality of your item, we will assist with any issues.

All new items will have a 1 year warranty, all used items will have a 6 month warranty.