This type of artwork is getting all the attention it deserves, with such a wide variety of film designs to choose from, you have endless possibilities to put this creativity on just about anything you want!



For this type of application, it all depends what the film is going on to. Plastic, wood, steel, leather, glass and so on. All items will have the same attention to proper preparation for dipping.

Hydrographic Films

  • Abstract

  • Animal

  • Skulls

  • ​Camo

  • ​Carbon Fibre

  • Wood Grain

  • ​Fire

  • ​Metal

  • Designer Stock Films

  • ​Sticker Bombs

Choose your Base Coat & Top Coat Colors

  • Top grade automotive paint used 

  • Powder coat is an option on all metal items


All our items have the highest attention to detail. All products have a warranty provided on new and used items. Ask for more details on warranties.